Master class

Discover the core of inspiring leadership

As a manager, do you want to make room for the things that really matter? Go ahead, get to the core and continue working on it? As an individual or in a team? In your work as well as privately? Then choose the unique masterclass 'Dive deeper with Jaap'. In approximately four hours, Jaap takes you into the depths. An exciting strategic session follows full of interaction, individual attention and plenty of inspiration.


The last thing you want is an exciting day full of beautiful words, which then disappear somewhere in the back of your mind or in a dusty desk drawer. Paper tigers that no one will ever hear from again. So we're not going to do all that. Jaap is a practical man and only goes for impact. He lets you experience that everyone can make a difference in their own way. Even when major challenges or changes come your way. From nice words to reality.


This masterclass is very suitable for an inspiring driving session, management meeting or leadership session. Not only a moment of reflection, but above all an opportunity to grow, inspire and connect. This is where the foundation is laid. By making an impact in one half day and making the right choices. With a touch of humor, Jaap provides a breeding ground in which managers find answers to what is really important or not at all. To get closer to achieving your goals as a team.

Inspiring interpretation


  • Location: to be determined in consultation
  • Duration: one half day
  • Interactive design
  • Working together
  • Finding the answers to what is important to you
  • Works best with a limited number of participants
"Learned today, applicable tomorrow"