Promotional material

For the perfect announcement

If you want to announce Jaap’s talk to your organization in your own unique way, we have several promotional materials you can use.

You will find them all on this page. The pictures below are free to use. We would appreciate it, however, if you could credit the photographer to put yet another smile on someone’s face (see the picture name for the photographer’s name):


Looking for a video to use in your invitation or on your website to give people an inspiring sneak preview?

Introductory words for the invite

A nice, catchy invitation text can help to attract more visitors to the event or to increase the anticipation. We are happy to help you:

“Discover how you can make a difference!”

Jaap Bressers is one of the most sought-after speakers in the Netherlands and even knows how to attract full halls abroad. He touches, entertains and inspires. And by taking you through compelling personal stories, he makes complicated things simple again. Discover during a lecture how you can get more out of your life and work. Or how you can make a big difference with something very small. For yourself, for your colleagues, your clients and actually for everyone. All this in an impactful and fun way. You do not want to miss this!