Treat yourself and your co-workers to online inspiration

Challenging times call for new solutions. For Jaap Bressers, finding new solutions is a way of life. Since his diving accident, which left him tetraplegic and put him in a wheelchair, he has become used to dealing with major changes. Thinking in terms of and creating possibilities has become second nature to Jaap.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, this attitude came in very handy. Initially born out of necessity, his interactive webinars soon turned out to be surprisingly enriching. What started out as a temporary solution has grown into a permanent improvement. The interactive webinars offer an additional opportunity to share Jaap’s inspiration with your audience.

Unique experience

An interactive webinar by Jaap is a unique experience that will move and entertain you. Just as valuable as Jaap’s live talks, but with extra benefits for you. You don’t have to hire a venue, no lunch preferences to accommodate, and no travel time for visitors. And to top it all off, the webinar will be available online for up to two weeks for anyone who couldn’t make it.

Technical service

Jaap and his team can also take care of the technical side of hosting a webinar for you. You can, for example, use Jaap’s online platform, which is easy to access for visitors and they don’t have to download anything. You’ll get 4K resolution and top-quality audio for crystal-clear inspiration!

Truly interactive

Jaap’s webinars are truly interactive, just like his live talks. The built-in chat and polling feature invites the audience to get actively involved, as Jaap challenges them to contribute. For an event with maximum impact.

“I’ve seen Jaap live twice and didn’t expect him to have the same effect online. But once again Jaap surprised me and exceeded my expectations”