About jaap

Inspirational speaker and author

For over fifteen years, Jaap Bressers (1983) has stood on stages across the world as one of the Netherlands’ most successful speakers. Actually, “stood” on stages is not quite accurate in his case. From the age of 21, Jaap has been in a wheelchair after a fateful dive in the ocean that left him with a high spinal cord injury. After a tough rehabilitation process, he went back to university and graduated with a degree in International Management, but ultimately decided to take his life in a totally different direction.


Besides being an inspirational speaker, Jaap is also a best-selling author. Jaap links engaging, personal stories to the challenges that companies face every day, managing to move and entertain people like no other. A unique blend of compelling content, inspiration, and a touch of humor at the right moments. The recurring theme throughout his talks is the power of the little things: how to use the little things to make a big difference for yourself and others. Jaap experienced the extent of that power first hand thanks to Carlos, the Portuguese nurse who, with a small gesture, gave him the strength to keep going. It led to Jaap coming up with the concept of the Carlos Moments which anyone who has attended one of Jaap’s talks or read his books will be familiar with.


Jaap always likes to exceed expectations. His approach leaves no one unmoved and has a lasting impact on anyone from production line workers to board members. Not just the day after or for a week, but you will reap the benefits for years. Both in your work life and in your private life. Jaap lives his message of how to contribute in everything you do. Simply and with a smile. And that’s something you can feel. That’s why Jaap is meanwhile not just a successful speaker but also a social entrepreneur with all kinds of initiatives to make the world a little bit better.


Every one of Jaap’s talks is customized to his audience. Together with you, we will explore what you need and then create a captivating talk that will move and entertain people. Every talk ultimately becomes an experience.