Social entrepreneur

Adding value and having fun doing it

As early as during his student years, Jaap wanted to figure out how to make value a broader concept that goes beyond mere economics, based on his belief that when you focus solely on finances, you will miss out on life. In even more simpler terms: you can’t eat 10 steaks in one meal. Sharing is often much more enjoyable.

Jaap lives his message of how to do your bit for others and the planet. Simply and with a smile. It’s what set him on the path to becoming a social entrepreneur. Making money not by working hard(er), but by adding value. Because it is actually the feeling of doing something special for a better world that puts a smile on your face.

Carlosmomentjes Foundation: small gesture, great happiness

Carlos moments foundation: sharing the beautiful things

Happiness grows when you share it. Those small “Carlos Moments” contain so much power, value, and positivity that Jaap just had to share them. With his Carlos Moments Foundation , he has been spreading the joy of the little things through free learning packs for children, a free Happiness App, and by opening the Carlos Moments House.

Sustainable choices

Doing his bit for a better world is what Jaap also does by making sustainable choices. He lives and works in an energy-positive home and office. It’s a fully carbon-neutral building that was built using renewable materials and generates more renewable power than Jaap needs, so that he can feed the surplus power into the power grid. For his clients, there’s a charging station outside where they can charge their EVs for free. There you go, Jaap is a speaker who will truly energize you, and your car.

charging station energy positive

The world’s first climate-positive book

Jaap’s books are the world’s first climate-positive books. They were made in such an environmentally friendly way that you, even by just leaving them on your shelf, are doing your bit for the environment. That’s because Jaap has sixteen new trees planted for every new edition of his books, and this has meanwhile grown into a forest of over 300 trees.