To inform, inspire, and entertain!

Jaap Bressers is an inspiring and funny speaker. Topics such as how to deal with change, customer focus, and sustainability are just some of the things he speaks about with great passion. He will draw you into stories that will stick with you forever, and that you can actually put into practice.

A talk that will move, entertain, and inspire you.

You can hire jaap as a speaker on the following topics:

In addition, Jaap is happy to look at the possibilities with you to customization and thus illuminate your subject or organization in a completely unique way. This can be done in both Dutch and English.

Through catchy personal stories, by linking engaging personal stories to business challenges, Jaap manages like no other to motivate his audiences to get more out of their lives and work.

Jaap will activate you to make a difference in your own unique way. Put your life to the smile test: does what you do make your lips curl up? If so, you’re all set to create maximum value. Simply by changing the way you see and do things.

Break out of the “this is how we do things” mindset. Try doing things differently. Not because your old ways were wrong, but just because there might be better, more engaging, or more value-creating ways of doing it in this day and age: what if it is possible?

Jaap’s favorite topics to address in his talks include the following: