Speaker on sustainability

Go green with a smile on your face

Sustainability is potentially such a vast concept that you could easily get lost in it. Jaap triggers people’s curiosity about how to get started with sustainability. With small, simple steps that are easy to put into practice. A talk on sustainability by Jaap will set you thinking about what would work for you. What ways are there for you to do your bit for the planet? And how could you seize those opportunities?

Doing your bit for sustainability with a smile

Jaap enjoys getting your visitors, suppliers or employees to swing into action. Not because they have to, but because they want to do their bit. How do you help make a better world with a smile on your face? It all begins with you. Whatever your role, you can make a difference for the planet, and that begins with a very small step.

From neutral to positive

Sustainability is a topic that Jaap not only talks about with great passion but also lives by. His office, for example, is fully carbon neutral. But then again, neutral is just neutral. When you come home after a hard day’s work, you don’t say, “Work was very good today, my day was totally neutral.”

Jaap prefers to be positive. He takes going green to the next level. He doesn’t use natural gas and he feeds more power into the grid than he consumes. His is one of the Netherlands’ first energy-positive offices. Aside from that, there’s a charging station outside where guests can charge their EVs for free. There you go, Jaap is a speaker who will truly energize you, even when he’s not giving a talk.


Climate-positive books

Jaap also has the world’s first climate-positive book to his name. His book Where there’s a wheel, there’s a way is made entirely of recycled leaves and stems from agricultural waste that would otherwise have been burned.

While printing books is generally a fairly environmentally damaging process, Jaap's book actually produces more nature. He has fifty new fruit trees planted per print in a local food forest in Rijen. It is therefore the only book in the world that you can leave on your shelf with confidence, because even there it already contributes to a better environment.

Inspirational sustainability speech

Want to motivate your employees or event attendees to go green?

Contact us now to book Jaap as a motivational speaker on sustainability. After the talk, the audience will undoubtedly get down to exploring and seizing their own sustainability opportunities full of curiosity and enthusiasm.

“I was moved in every fiber of my being… What an inspiring close to our KPN Mastercourse on Sustainability”

Would you also like to hire Jaap as a sustainability speaker and give the organization a boost to fully commit to it? Get the most out of your presentation with an additional interactive workshop or master class.

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