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How to activate people

Running a company or department all by yourself, carrying all the responsibility on your shoulders, and staying on top of everything is virtually impossible to do, even if you’re Superman or Superwoman. Nowadays, we have to keep so many plates spinning that we can feel overwhelmed. There’s another way. If you harness all the potential in a company, you, the executive, will have more scope for your activities and a better overall view of operations, especially during busy periods. This will ultimately boost your profits. After all, two know more than one. And a hundred people know even more.

From control to trust

And yet, it is easier said than done in practice. All too often, procedures and protocols are sacred. And that while a protocol should just be a means to an end and not an end its own right. For proof that protocols often overshoot their purpose, just call any help desk and see how the person on the other end of the line merely goes through a list of possible responses, not helping you at all. Swap control for trust and be surprised by what’s possible.

Making a difference starts with you!

As a speaker on inspirational leadership, Jaap would like to help you get the most out of yourself and your employees or co-workers. In a humor-filled and inspiring way, he will show you how to set the right example and how to activate people. And he will hand you the tools you need to make the most of all the potential. You can do that by, for example, creating a safe and uninhibited environment where people have the confidence to come up with ideas to change small things themselves.

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“From hardship to leadership”
“From Suffering to Leading”

From taking orders to taking ownership

Jaap’s inspirational leadership talk is intended to make management more effective and more fun. If you put yourself above your employees, they may carry out your orders, but they won’t do much more than that. As soon as you get on your employees’ level, they will take ownership of their work and take initiative in looking for improvements. It will unlock their creativity. As a manager, you maintain an overall view and set out the frameworks. The employees will fill those frameworks with real substance. Activate people to seize their role and take charge. When they do, they will come into their own and create value. And you will have fewer plates to keep spinning.

Interested in booking Jaap to give a talk about inspirational leadership? The presentation can be expanded with an interactive workshop or master class.

“Several days of training would nowhere near have the same effect”

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