Speaker on human-centered health care

Make your health-care heart beat faster again

Human-centered health care, humane hospitals, patient-driven care... it’s entirely normal for us to put patients or clients first. But you can only do that if you, as an organization, also take good care of your workers. The workload in health care has grown considerably over the past period. Working more efficiently and more effectively is more important than ever, but so is working mindfully and appreciatively.

Genuine attention

Based on his personal experience, Jaap knows exactly what genuine attention can do for you. How helpless you can feel when you are fully dependent on others. But also how the right help, encouragement, and your own effort will empower you to regain control of your life. And how “Carlos Moments”, which is what Jaap calls brief instances of sincere kindness, can literally and metaphorically save your life. The “Carlos” from Jaap’s “Carlos Moments” is the Portuguese nurse who cared for Jaap in hospital after his accident. While Jaap was surrounded by people he could not understand, it was Carlos who made him feel seen and understood again.

Put yourself in the patient’s shoes

Putting patients first, how exactly do you do that? It starts with seeing the person behind the patient and genuinely taking their perspective. Especially given all the changes, high workload, and rules in health care, it is hard to truly put yourself in the patient’s shoes. Health professionals are sometimes so busy merely trying to hold their own that they lose sight of how much value they create.

But you really make a difference in your role. The question is:

Jaap gives you breathing space and gets you to experience how to work from your heart again.

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“From working hard to working from the heart”
“From hard work to working from your heart”

Revive the passion

Hiring Jaap to speak on human-centered health care is treating your audience to a talk that will impress and move them. With a story that also leaves a lot of room for laughter. And it will remind health professionals why they chose a career in health care and show them how to make a real difference with little things. During the talk and long beyond, you will see their passion for and pride in their job flourish again.

“Thank you for your exciting and sometimes also hard-hitting words! Using laughter as a mirror to make people aware of their role as health professional”

There is also the option to add an interactive workshop or master classto the presentation, which will have employees find those moments of happiness that make such a great difference for themselves and their clients, patients, or residents.

All this got you excited or curious?