Speaker on customer focus

How to make a difference

Satisfied employees help produce satisfied customers. Enthusiastic employees create enthusiastic customers. And employees who are true ambassadors for the company can, through their genuine customer focus, also turn customers into ambassadors for your company. As it turns out, it’s the little things that are hugely important in making this happen. 

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“Genuine customer focus exists in the simple things”
“Real customer focus is in simple things”

Everyone is important

Speaker Jaap Bressers knows like no other how to get people to experience that everyone is important in their own specific role and can make a difference for others. “Simply” by doing things slightly differently. With gripping stories, humor, and engaging examples instead of complex models.

Carlos moments for your customers

“Carlos Moments” are what Jaap calls those seemingly small acts of kindness that have such great impact. Adopting a customer focus begins by truly seeing the customer and anticipating their needs. Very convenient for the customers, and it makes your job a whole lot more enjoyable as well. Especially when your effort does not go unnoticed. That’s when you enter an upward spiral of customer focus, appreciation, and positive energy.

motivational message

With captivating personal stories linked to the challenges at your company, Jaap motivates his audiences to get more out of their lives and work. It will leave employees feeling that each and every job across the company has real impact and is meaningful for customers and employees. In a very simple way sometimes. It will reignite their passion for their job and turn employees into enthusiastic ambassadors for the company. After a talk on customer focus by Jaap, your employees will make a difference for customers with (even) bigger smiles on their faces.

“Impressive, inspiring, and motivating! The concept of the ‘Carlos Moment’ and the insights you shared with us are very valuable. Everyone on the team was enthusiastic about the talk.”

Would you also like to hire Jaap as a customer focus speaker and give the organization a boost to go all the way? Get the most out of the presentation with a complementary one interactive workshop or master class.

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