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Speaker Jaap Bressers (1983) has been in a wheelchair since he was 21 after a dip in the sea. After a difficult rehabilitation period, he completes his International Management studies, but then decides to give his life a completely different twist. The source of inspiration for this was and is Carlos, the Portuguese brother who gave him the strength to continue after the accident with a small gesture. And who has ensured that Jaap is where he is now. As a social entrepreneur, best-selling author and successful speaker, even internationally. Read Jaap's whole story.



“Break through the familiar and don't do it for once
like you always did” 

– Jaap Bressers

how to make a difference

Whether it is a lecture for business, healthcare, government, education, sports or a completely different sector; you will be treated to a unique mix of content and inspiration. Always with a dash of solidarity, a pinch of seriousness and a handful of humor. And especially with attention to the people in the room and the world around us. To create added value and make a difference. For others and certainly also for yourself.

You can hire jaap as a speaker on the following topics:

In addition, Jaap is happy to look at the possibilities with you to customization and thus illuminate your subject or organization in a completely unique way. This can be done in both Dutch and English.

contribute simply and with pleasure

Jaap's approach affects everyone, regardless of age, background or education, and has a lasting impact. Not only a day or a week later, but even after years you will still reap the benefits, both professionally and privately. He always manages to direct his lecture in such a way that the story fits seamlessly with the day, the theme and the target group. Everyone in the room feels addressed and is given the tools to actually get started with it.


Inspiratie – Verbinding – Teams –  Toegevoegde Waarde – Vitaliteit – Verandering – Leiderschap – Samenwerken – Duurzaamheid – Eigenaarschap

Want even more added value from your day?


Geef na de presentatie een boek van Jaap cadeau en verleng de toegevoegde waarde en plezier tot bij de deelnemers thuis (vanaf € 9,99 excl btw).


Would you like to get even more value from a presentation by Jaap? Then expand this with an interactive and practice-oriented workshop.

master class

As a leader, do you want to make room for the things that really matter? Then choose the unique masterclass 'Dive deeper with Jaap'.